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PrintCenter Light

Retail photo centre

A space-saving solution for self-service in your shop environment.

The PrintCenter Light is a space-saving photo system we will customise to your requirements. It features a set of up to three order stations, intelligent photo software to make printing fun for your customers and a self-service workflow including a secure payment mechanism that is simple to integrate to your stores.

The PrintCenter Light is designed for the medium-sized retailers with high footfall. It is set up as a photo station in a dedicated photo space of your store that will attract your customers and become one of your premium services!

Let’s talk about your photo project – we will make it work in your favour!


  • Versatile
    Together with the PrintCenter island solution, the line-up is versatile according to the shops’ layout, size, and customer footfall.

  • Customised design

    The PrintCenter Light comes in various layouts depending on store layout: e.g. “long” for a wall, “corner” for an angular setup, or photo island. 

  • Profitable

    With a value-share business model (based on rent or click charge), you will make money with your PrintCenter Light photo service on day 1. No investment is necessary. Increase your profitability thanks to a whole range of services enabling the production of high added value prints like enlargements, calendars, greeting cards and more. By adding a photo service you have the opportunity to even increase the footfall in your stores and make more revenues.

  • Simple to use
    With the PrintCenter solutions, the photo service is almost self-sufficient: all the shop staff have to do is fill the printers with new paper, ribbon, and collect the money at the cashier (job ticket printer included for payment security before print).



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