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Compact & ready-to-use 15.6” photo order terminal

The ready-to-use terminal for self-service photo printing

Featuring the Snaplab+ software and a 15.6’’ touch screen, the DT-T90 photo order terminal provides optimum experience and intuitive navigation for you or your customers.

The users can easily load their photos for printing by hooking up to the terminal via their smartphone, USB stick, or SD card.


The DT-T90 is the ideal photo terminal for stores setting up a photo activity, photo studios or travelling photographers.



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DT-T9 Lite

The photo order station powered by SnapLab Pro software

DT-T9 Lite: In-store modularity and printing flexibility

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DST4 Lite

Photo printing software and terminal

Highly performant software for optimum user experience!

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Compact yet powerful 11.6” order terminal

The DT-T6mini, a 11.6" order-terminal and a software in a set.