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Wireless Print Server Pro EU


Wiress Print Server

The Wireless Print Server (WPS Pro EU) mobile photography solution creates a hotspot to get instant photo printing without the router or PCs. The WPS Pro EU allows professional photographers to efficiently increase their shoot-to-print business by eliminating the use of wires and memory cards.

Developed to support professional photographers whose workflows often include mobile wireless devices, the WPS Pro EU is an Android set-top box running custom DNP software that replaces a typical PC and network router. Use a wide variety of capture devices - from cameras and cell phones to tablets and computers - coupled with a DNP photo printer for PC-fee wireless printing. The WPS Pro EU is designed exclusively for DNP's award-winning DS40, DS80, RX1, RX1HS, DS620 and DS820 dye-sublimation printers.

Designed with a broad range of markets in mind, from the professional photographer to the mobile event photo operator and small retailer, the WPS Pro EU will be an invaluable asset for increasing workflow productivity, flexibility and profitability.

DNP Mobile Applications: Download WPS Print 2 and WPS Status from Apple App Store or Google Play.


  • PC-Free Interface

    Included with WPS Pro EU is DNP’s new Mobile Status App* that allows operators to see printer status, control configuration, and manage job process sharing - all from cell phone. Pre-configure low paper alerts for easier event and photo booth printer management.

    *Companion Apps  - Available for iOS and Android devices through the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Wireless

    Built-in 802.11 b/g/n to print directly from Wi-Fi enabled DSLR cameras, iOS phones, Android phones, Android cameras and Windows/Mac computers.

  • Mobile Device Support

    In addition to printing from your PC or Mac, the WPS Pro EU supports mobile devices including iOS and Android phones and tablets, Apple iPad, Android cameras and selects Wi-Fi enabled DSLR cameras**.  Support 5 wireless devices simultaneously.

    ** To connect DSLR, the CamRanger Wifi accessory is required. For additional information, please visit If the the camera has FTP, Cam Ranger is not necessary.

  • Flexible Workflow

    One WPS Pro EU can connect to 2 identical (provided they use the same media size) or 2 different DNP printers to optimize speed and redundancy or to offer an increased range of print size options. The flexible workflow and hardware arrangement makes the WPS Pro EU simple to configure and easy to use. Wireless printing is now possible without a computer, hub, router or internet connection!


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