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Sticker Media


No longer a lab-only product, you can now offer people and professional stickers on the spot!

For any photography business, whether event photography, wedding and party photo booths, photo marketing, or portraits, the flexibility and creativity of stickers can set your business apart and help you sell more.

Sticker media is ideal for anykind of events or usage, the only limit is your creativity!

sticker web

Mix photos, marketing messages and branding with stickers - we've had requests for ski helmets, skate boards, back of cell phones, running events, school lockers, bumper stickers: the list goes on.

No special print drivers or firmware necessary.Some regular printer maintenances are recommended when printing on the sticker media. As for the printer maintenance details, please contact your regional reseller.


  • Fun

    Sticker media with your next event to create the ultimate fun experience!

  • Value added

    With DNP's unique sticker media, amuse customers and expand your revenue.
  • High quality

    High quality dye-sublimation media produced and manufactured by DNP, the world leader in the comprehensive printing.

  • Creativity

    Free your mind and start unique business of your own with DNP sticker media. No longer a lab-only product, you can now offer people photo stickers on the spot.