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COVID-19 – DNP PIE contingency plan

Operations remain open with adapted working methods

Dear Customers, dear Partners,
Your business, as ours, may be disrupted due to the severe Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak faced by most European countries, we sincerely hope you, your families and your businesses
will not be too affected by the current crisis.
Following the authorities recommendations to protect our coworkers and to fight the virus efficiently, we have taken all measures to continue our activities and to keep our operations open by using alternative working methods with DNP PIE members working from remote until further notice.
In order that your queries to DNP PIE can be duly processed during this period, please make sure to use the departments’ e-mails that you can find on the contact page of this website.
Meanwhile, in order to keep a little smile in these difficult times, we invite you to participate in a collaborative photo experience with our Remote Mosaic. To participate, simply click on the link
- Select a photo or take a selfie
- Validate the conditions and upload your photo
- Take a look and share
Stay safe and strong!